Community Garden

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Community Garden

Founded in 2012 by the Kiwanis Club of McKeesport and White Oak and adopted by Tube City Renaissance in 2016, the McKeesport Community Garden provides a space for local residents to grow their own produce and flowers, share gardening techniques, and build community relationships. The Garden, located at the crossroads of Walnut Street and 13th Street and along the Great Allegheny Passage, is an important asset to ongoing city beautification and urban agriculture efforts, and it continues to thrive due to dedicated volunteers committed to nurturing a healthy and inviting McKeesport.

The Community Garden network is active, passionate, and welcoming. Garden members ensure routine maintenance of the grounds and work to expand the Garden’s capacity to serve the McKeesport community.

Developments in the McKeesport Community Garden include:

  • Incorporation into the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s Adopt and Beautify Program, allowing for longer-term land tenure for the Community Garden’s gardeners.
  • Receiving a $3,500 grant on behalf of the Pittsburgh Foundation and PurePenn LLC to build a food pantry box, sponsor a local artist painting project for the Community Garden shed, and replace garden boxes.
  • Receiving a $6,900 grant on behalf of G.C. Murphy Co. Foundation to construct a shade structure in the Community Garden. The structure provides an on-site space for future community gatherings and educational workshops.

For frequent updates on McKeesport Community Garden events, please visit the Garden’s Facebook page.

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