Our Mission:

The mission of Tube City Renaissance (TCR), headquartered in McKeesport, PA, is to take a holistic approach to community development— realizing that all of the aspects relative to a healthy community must be addressed. McKeesport and the greater Mon-Valley area are very depressed and have not yet recovered from the decline of the steel industry in the mid-1980s and its related heavy industries. Our mission is to concentrate our efforts on the City of McKeesport with three main goals:

  • to document.
  • to organize.
  • to respond.


Our Purpose:

The purpose of Tube City Renaissance is to respond to the economic decline of the City of McKeesport by organizing individuals and resources to meet identified community needs. Our goals include impacting the areas of job growth, greening projects, housing, community development in targeted areas, historical preservation, marketing and image of the city, public safety/public servicing, and youth and education.



500 5th Avenue, Suite 501

McKeesport, PA 15132