Tube City Renaissance (TCR) is a grass-roots community development nonprofit organization. All of our board members reside in low or moderate income census tract areas, and all live in the City of McKeesport. We are currently a volunteer organization; Jim Butler, who has more than thirty years of nonprofit experience, is our CEO and provides his services as an unpaid volunteer. The Mayor of the City of McKeesport, Mike Cherepko, is always an ex-officio member of our Board of Directors, further strengthening our community relations, communications, and public/private partnerships.


Name Position
Edward J. Coker Chairman
James P. Butler CEO
Thad Merriman Treasurer
Dino DiGregory Secretary
Cheryl Coleman
Masoud Sayles
Nancy L. Merriman
Marci Morales
Juan Garrett
Kathy Bartilson