Tube City Renaissance (TCR) had its first board meeting on Nov. 28, 2012 and elected Edward J. Coker as our chairman. On Jan. 24, 2013 the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania approved our Articles of Incorporation as a nonprofit community development organization. We received our IRS 501 (c) (3) approval on July 15, 2014.


TCR first came about as a result of a neighborhood block picnic for the Carnegie Library area in McKeesport’s Seventh Ward. Neighbors talked informally — many meeting others from the neighborhood for the first time. As we got to know one another, we not only had a positive experience, but our common concerns and frustrations became evident. One topic of conversation included the then-recent demolition of Cornell Middle School by the McKeesport Area School District. Although a modern, environmentally-friendly new elementary school was built in its place, vacant and blighted properties continue to dominate the area surrounding the new school site.


Mayor Mike Cherepko designated the greater Library Manor neighborhood as McKeesport’s cultural and educational district because of its state-of-the-art new school, Carnegie Library of McKeesport, the McKeesport Little Theater, numerous significant church structures, and the distinguished architecture of much of the neighborhood playing an historic role throughout the community.


In an effort to remedy the concerns first raised at that neighborhood block party, TCR has prioritized eight areas of interest and concentration:

  • Green projects
  • Historic and community preservation
  • Housing
  • Job growth
  • Marketing and image
  • Recreation
  • Training and development, community outreach, resources, and program development
  • Youth and education