Who We Are and What We Do?

Pathways CT, Inc. is the sister nonprofit of Tube City Renaissance, incorporated on September 7, 2018. Our primary purpose is to provide financial education, career development support, and job training/job placement assistance in the financial services industry and building trades; including the areas of housing construction/rehabilitation and green jobs. Our programs aim to improve financial self-sufficiency, facilitate job growth and accessibility, and strengthen community assets among the McKeesport area underserved population and the Mon-Yough valley.  Mortgage education and counseling will also be provided for prospective low-moderate income homebuyers.  Unique mortgage financial assistance will be available for homebuyers and homeowners that fit the SafeGate loan product criteria of our lending partner.

Our Mission

The Pathways CT, Inc. mission is two-fold, hence the “Counseling and Training” component of our name.

  • Counseling: we aim to stimulate financial responsibility and expand homeownership access for low-moderate income homebuyers through professional mortgage counseling and financial education services.
  • Training: we aim to improve professional development opportunities and foster career growth, particularly within the housing and construction and greening sectors.

Pathways CT, Inc. participants will have direct access to a network of professionals with decades of experience in the industries of economic development, housing and construction, environment and energy.

The Future

We are exploring the development of a loan servicing component of Pathways CT, Inc. and how entrepreneurial roles can support and develop a customized servicing entity.