Spotlight On: The Twin Rivers School

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Spotlight On: The Twin Rivers School

After the demolition of Cornell Intermediate School, formerly the area’s middle school, a modern “green” school for elementary school students was built in its place. Now known as the Twin Rivers Intermediate and Primary School, the site has a concept of two grade levels: kindergarten through second grade housed in one building on the site, and third through fifth grade housed in another building. The school plan itself is unique in that it features a number of environmentally friendly features, as well as a design that enhances the amount of natural light it receives.

According to an article published by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Twin Rivers School includes a rain collection feature on its roof. This water is then used to flush toilets and water landscaping around the building. Geothermal wells are used to heat and cool the structure, and a furnace/heating room can be viewed through glass walls in a central area of the building along with the school’s recycling center.

The Twin Rivers School, which has achieved LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, truly exists as an environmental and architectural gem within McKeesport’s Seventh Ward.


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