TCR’s work is rooted in neighborhood revitalization and affordable housing initiatives, as well as community greening projects.  Since July 1, 2020, TCR has grown dramatically.  We have built and expanded our stakeholders’ support and involvement for our economic development and neighborhood revitalization efforts. Our affordable housing and revitalization efforts continue to increase, acquisition of abandoned properties has started, our community and neighborhood gardens and greening efforts continue to thrive, and our volunteer capacity continues to grow.

Our determination to address affordable housing has started with our first acquisition of a vacant, dilapidated property just across the street from the Twin Rivers elementary school. This particular area of the 7th Ward takes us back to our history and how we came about.

To learn more about TCR’s plans for this property renovation and our housing initiatives in general, as well as our greening efforts, please navigate the Neighborhood Revitalization/Housing Initiatives and Green Initiatives pages.

Another area of focus for TCR involves our identifying the community assets of McKeesport and developing a register of these individuals, organizations, programs, etc.  The Community Asset Survey Database is an ongoing effort and will ultimately be a great resource tool for everyone to access.  The survey and more information can be found here.